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Let me know what you think about my Greed. All critique is welcome. Anon comments are enabled and everything is screened! You can also get in touch with me via p.m., AIM @ tangledwords, and [ profile] crazy_staffer. A PM or Plurk is the best bet.

Fairview Info:

CHARACTER NAME: Greed Avaricious (mod given last name is awesome!)
CHARACTER SERIES: Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga)
HOUSEHOLD: 455 Queen Anne St

Greed is being pulled from his time at Mayfield! 


Backtagging: Yes! Because Greed wants all the tags, guys!
Threadhopping: Go ahead!
Fourthwalling: He may think it's weird at first, but will love it! So if your character knows his canon, go ahead XD
Offensive subjects: I'm open to pretty much anything.
Time Zone: (November-Beginning of March) PST/GMT-8 (Middle of March-End of October) PDST/GMT-7


Hugging this character: Yes, he may act strange, but if he knows you a hug isn't bad.
Kissing this character: If you're a pretty lady, he won't mind at all.
Flirting with this character: An absolute must! He will flirt back like no other!
Fighting with this character: Sure!
Injuring this character: Yeah! But, if he has his shield back that might me difficult.
Killing this character: He wants to experience everything, and dying + coming back to life are not uncommon for him.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure!
Warnings: He flirts, a lot, and will get possessive of you if you get to be good friends.
Canon: Greed gets woken up in Mayfield fresh from being "melted back down" so he is going to think this is some kind of sick joke.


[ ] Sunglasses
[x] Stone
[ ] Clothes
[ ] Devil's Nest Sign
[ ] Ouroboros Tattoo
[ ] Sledgehammer
[ ] Picture of Devil's Nest gang

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