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Morning: Closed to the drones of  624 Topper Street

[Greed smirks at the warmth of the body curled up next to him. Then, as his last memories surface, his eyes snap open and he stares at the brunette cuddled close to him. He wonders for a moment what kind of elaborate plot Father has planned out this time, and attempts to pull his arm free of the woman's grasp as he spots some pictures on the dresser across the way.

All that's left is to untangle their hands when her eyes flutter open.]

You're awake awfully early today, Honey.

[Greed shakes his head. No one ever calls him honey.]

I dunno who you are toots, but I gotta go.

[She shakes her head.]

Stop teasing. I'll get the kids ready for school. You worked late last night, so get some more sleep.

I don't think you're listening to me. I've never seen you before in my life, girly, and I don't forget pretty dames like you. I gotta figure out what Father is up to now. I don't plan on being any part of it.

[She blinks up at him in surprise, and he thinks that he's finally convinced her. Then, she rolls over and grabs a photograph from the night-stand and hands it to him.]

Are you sure you don't know me?

[He stares down at the picture of himself with said brunette and two children. They were all wearing matching green sweaters with red and gold arglye print. A small kitten was cupped in the girl's hands.]

When the hell was this taken?

[He doesn't wait for her answer, but goes to the window and looks outside, only to see a strange neighborhood with similar houses lining the street. Just as he turns back around, a knock sounds on the door and it flies open.]

We're ready, Mother.

[Greed hears the voice before a girl resembling the woman walks into the room, a backpack slung over her shoulder with a dark-haired boy following after her. The boy's eyes light up as they fall on Greed.]

Father, will you play catch with me after school?

[Greed's eyes narrow at the boy. ]

Don't call me Father.

Oh, can I get my allowance, so I can go to the diner after school?

[Greed turns away from them and pulls open the closet, grabbing the first pair of pants and shirt he sees.]

You kids do whatever the hell you want. I need to get outta here. Is there a bar anywhere?

[The woman laughs at him, but waves the children out of the room.]

Your shift doesn't start until six, Honey. Are you putting in extra hours for Christmas money again?

[He storms over to her.]

I'm not your husband. Can your husband do this?

[And now he's trying to summon his ultimate shield, but it's not working, so he has to settle for a scowl, which she just laughs at.]

Of course you can scowl.

[He growls and stomps to the bathroom.]

Fuck it, I'm outta here.

A] Morning: Open to residents of Topper Street

[Greed is knocking on the door of every house on the street trying to figure out what in the hell is going on.]

B] Morning: Around Town

[Have a scowling homunculus. If he see's you, he might stop and ask for directions to the bar.]

C] The rest of the Day: Olney's

[Given oders not to get too drunk before his shift, Greed sulks in a corner, trying to summon his shield every now and then and nursing a beer. Regulars/Not-So-Regulars feel free to say you don't recognize this face.]

D] Night: Olney's

[Greed is feeling much more comfortable in the bar's night atmosphere. He will serve anyone who asks for a drink, age and gender be damned.]
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