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Let me know what you think about my Greed. All critique is welcome. Anon comments are enabled and everything is screened! You can also get in touch with me via p.m., AIM @ tangledwords, and [ profile] crazy_staffer. A PM or Plurk is the best bet.

Fairview Info:

CHARACTER NAME: Greed Avaricious (mod given last name is awesome!)
CHARACTER SERIES: Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga)
HOUSEHOLD: 455 Queen Anne St

Greed is being pulled from his time at Mayfield! 

Permissions/Regains )

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Action: Lawn of 624 Topper Street

[A package, for him? He stares at it for a moment before ripping it open. Only to find a dinky shield. For a moment, he suspects Lust of toying with him. And, just as he's about to break the thing in half when some engraved letters catch his eye. He reads the words out loud.]

The ultimate shield.

[He blinks at it for a moment, then decides to give it a try. In seconds, he can feel his skin taking on the diamond-like qualities that are so familiar to him.]

[He gives a little shout of glee as he transforms back into his regular self.]

I guess this was worth all that fuss.

Action: All Around Town

[You might see Greed playing with his shield. He'll look like his regular self one minute, this the next, then be in full Ultimate Shield mode before you can blink.]

[If you've got an obvious weapon on you, he'll be sure to ask you to put his shield through a test run.]


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