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Action for around town.

[Greed is quite cheerful today. There's a bounce in his step, and he doesn't seem to mind the drones walking the street.]

[But, what has happened to his flirty demeanor? Instead of trying to pick up on the women, he's going to be trying to make them cry. He'll accidentally walk into the men, just so he can insult them somehow.]

[Does anyone dare try and find his pod?]

Action for John Doe Park

[After his pod has been opened, Greed finds himself being attacked by...himself. Anyone want to take a guess as to which is the real Greed?]

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Action For Wednesday

Around Town

[Tired of staying in the bar, Greed can be seen out trying to fend off the zombies with hand to hand combat.]

[And he's doing a good job, until one he hadn't taken the time to properly smash in the head of manages to grab his shoe and drag its mouth to his ankle before Greed remembers he doesn't have his shield to protect him. The need to fee doesn't start right away. He goes about smashing in more heads. His rumpled clothes are almost as bloodied as his hands. But they're not after him anymore, and as easy as that makes it for him to kill the damn things, he stops putting effort into it. He doesn't even notice when he's stopped attacking them and started hunting with them. This new need doesn't bother him, because he's always wanted everything. If you pass him in the streets, he will start turn in your direction.]

[ooc: feel free to call him Mayfield's greediest idiot, maim, injure, or kill!]


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